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Facial & Leg Spider Vein Treatment


At Premier Hair & Body Care we offer effective laser treatment for various conditions. Small, superficial red veins can be successfully treated with the Nd:YAG laser. Some smaller veins will disappear immediately, while others depending on size will require several treatments over monthly intervals.

          Presence of superficial veins on the face and legs (telangiectasias) is a cosmetic problem that troubles millions of people.  Spider veins are red, bluish or purple veins that can result from sun exposure, use of oral contraception, hormone therapy, the aging process, or heredity.  While they are not painful, they can be embarrassing. Candela’s GentleYAG® laser can quickly and effectively remove these veins with minimal discomfort.

          Most results may be seen immediately or within three to four weeks. The amount of treatment required will depend on the area to be treated and number on veins.  Our certified, trained laser professionals will help answer all your questions and will evaluate your condition prior to treatment.


Fast Facts

  • Can Take 1-3 treatments
  • Does not require support hose
  • Treatments spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart
 Frequently Asked Questions


 1.  How does a laser help? 


          With a beam of light, the laser delivers a prescribed dose of energy to the spider veins. The laser "selectively" coagulates the problem veins while sparing surrounding areas. After treatment, the vessel slowly and naturally disappears.


2.  What does this treatment involve?

          This non-invasive treatment process can be done on site. The time involved will vary on the individual and on the number of veins to be treated.   After treatment, there is no down time - which means you can resume all of your normal activities immediately afterward.

3.  Is the treatment painful?

         Most individuals describe the treatment as a series of slight pin pricks or rubber band snaps to the skin.  Most patients will tolerate this sensation without anesthetics.   Comfort and safety is provided by applying cooling to the area treated.

4.  How do I make an appointment?

          Please call one of our consultants for a free evaluation.  Most actual treatments may be performed that same day.


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