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 Electrology...Permanent Hair Removal


 Reasons for Hair Removal...

either temporary or permanent


Cosmetic Reasons

The sites of body hair that individuals find undesirable vary from person to person and a host of

other factors.

Medical Reasons

Like Hypertrichosis, refers to excess hair inappropriate for that area of the body, the client's age or

sex, i.e. excess hair seen in large moles.


Permanent Hair Removal

For the silky, smooth skin that you deserve...

For over 130 years, electrolysis has been and remains the permanent hair removal method

recognized by government regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

(FDA).  This technique permanently destroys germinative cells responsible for hair growth, thanks to

the insertion of a fine probe in the hair follicle and the application of a current adjusted to the type of

hair and the treated area.

Common Sites of Hair Removal 

  • Facial


  • Chest


  • Underarm (axillae)


  • Bikini


  • Neck


  • Back

Electrolysis is For  

  • Woman


  •  Men


  • Teenagers

With black, red, gray, blonde or white hair, coarse, medium or fine hair


Regrowth After Electrolysis

If electrolysis is performed perfectly on anagen hairs (active growth of hair), then, theoretically, there

should be no regrowth.  Due to a variety of factors, this is not the case and even in the best of

hands, we estimate a regrowth of 25-50%.  With this in mind, the number of treatments cannot be







































     Permanent H